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I hired Magee Companies to do fall leaf clean up at my home.When I got home i saw that they didn't clean the entire front yard which is what they were contracted to do.

I called the owner who happened to also be a friend and told him that they did a nice job but didn't clean the entire front yard. He said to me, "don't worry we will go back out there in the spring and finish it up." I spoke to his office manager the same day and she confirmed that that information was "in my file". I called them up in April to set up a time for them to come over and finish the job and i was told they would do it but I had to pay for it!! Talk about going back on their word and not completing the job.

I would NEVER do business with them again.

This is the same company that I had heard back remarks about from others but had defended them.Boy was I wrong!

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North Providence, Rhode Island, United States #997152

On the contrary, I think Magee is great. They deliver on all counts. Blame the board for those issues!


We had the same experience. Their owner and office manager were rude and crude and used threats instead of good quality customer service. I wouldn't recommend them.


Unedited response from the VP of Magee Companies:

I recently came across your cowardly rantings about Magee (I HAVE COPIED AND PASTED IT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS EMAIL FOR YOU TO RE-REFERENCE); ironically the same day we spoke on the phone and your final statement was emailed out to you.

It amazes me to hear your one sided sob story of how you didn't get enough for free because you saw a tiny section of your roof with some red toned shingles mixed in. Your rant references "and they didn't do much to make it up to me" ..... I don't know why you didn't explain that you were given $137.80 worth of Leaf Relief in your gutters to help ease your pain and suffering from looking at the red toned color in the roof ???...........however, I guess as I think about it, I do know why you excluded that detail; as it makes you look like even more like a victim and your rant that much nastier. You experienced no actual hardship or damages because of the color mistake. People are not perfect, and a mistake was admittedly made....and to be accurate and fair, the mistake started at the distribution company with their order loaders filling your material order incorrectly. If fact, every single one of your previous complaints had to do with minor adjustments, of which each and every single one was completed to your satisfaction.

Regardless, as I stated many times; I offer and encourage a straightforward approach from each and every member of Magee's staff...... and...

So here's where we are now:

1. Magee has terminated all of our dealer warranties effective immediately per our right to do so. We will refuse to provide ANY future services (both warranty or paid) to you or your property indefinitely.

2. Statements of "hearsay" like your comment; "I've heard from adjusters that there are far better companies to use. Better quality, better value, much better satisfaction." define what the term slandering is; and it we treat that topic here with a zero tolerance.

3. To satisfy the posting by the user "MAGEE SUCKS" on December 27, 2011, we will live up to their accusation of "Big Management Egos" as I have already personally forwarded all this information, and original posting link to our "big corporate lawyers" to review and proceed with this case as they see appropriate.

Should they decide that they wish to pursue you legally, they have already been given my unconditional authorization of an unlimited budget to evaluate any and all of your remarks and harmful intentions to negatively jeopardize Magee's 40 year superior reputation; and furthermore requested they act firmly, swiftly and with severe legal consequences.

Best wishes for a wonderful 2012. One of your new years resolutions should be to have much less hate in your heart and for the world.

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their motto: over promise, under deliver and apologize later. big mgmt ego's, incompetent workers and they think they can talk their way out of anything.


I had used them before for a roof/siding job and had had some problems, so shame on me for having them do the second job.I had them install a roof.

They used two different colors, one of which was red and not even part of the order. In broad daylight and full sun, they didn't even notice that anything was wrong. I came home at dusk and noticed the mistake; had to call them up and have them come back and look at it. They fixed it, but the stupidity of the error left me with ANOTHER bad customer experience......and they didn't do much to make it up to me......song and dance on how low the profit margin is and an apology, but who gives a ***...........they don't do quality work, so I guess I learned the hard way not to ever ever use them again.

Tough lesson for me, but a warning to everyone out there..........think long and hard before you call Magee!..........and check with your insurance adjuster first.

Since I've had this problem, I've heard from adjusters that there are far better companies to use.Better quality, better value, much better satisifaction.


LOL....I had a similar experience. They are major screw ups! Stay far far away from them!


Worst quality of work ever.....sure they apologize, but I don't want an apology..I want it done right!....save yourself a major headache and get it done right by some other company


I agree...I've used them 2x for roof and siding....1st time the quality of the work was poor and had to have them come back more than once to get it the way it should have been in the first place...the 2nd time they put up a roof with two different colors.....*** mistake, but they didn't even notice and it had to be brought to their attention..... don't use them, it's not worth the aggrevatioin.

Cascade, Colorado, United States #376005

Magee is more like Magoo.They do not show up on time,their work in inferior and their reps do not return phone calls.

This company is a joke just like their name.Spend your money on a more reliable company.

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